Pictures and Video Available on our Blog

Hello Prayer Team –

Thank you again for your prayers and support as we ministered in Italy!  We are in the process of collecting pictures and videos from our journey last week.  You can view our media on our blog by going to, and then clicking on the links of our menu.  This collection will grow as our Chorale Members add their pictures and videos.

God Bless You, and have a great day!


Making It Home

Good Evening Prayer Team –

As of this post (11 PM Eastern Time on Thursday), most of our team is back in the USA and headed toward our final connections in Nashville and Knoxville toward home.  We had seven members of our team that had a glitch in getting their boarding passes, which caused them to miss their flight from Frankfurt to Newark today.  Five of the seven re-scheduled and are on their way home late tonight, some without their luggage.  Lyndel and Cheryl Littleton will be flying into the USA from Frankfurt tomorrow.

Please pray for God to work everything out for them to get home safely late tonight and tomorrow, and for everyone’s luggage to get home soon.

We are thankful and overwhelmed at all that God has done over the last ten days.  We will be posting more testimonies, pictures, and videos of our experiences in the coming days on this blog.  Again, we could not have done what God called us to do without your prayer support and encouragement all along the way.  God bless you, and have a great night!

Prayer Alert: Pray for Our Teams As We Travel Home

Good Morning from Florence –

Our team will be traveling the 5,000 mile journey home today in two main groups. The first group is now on the way to the Florence Airport to connect to Frankfurt. The second group will be on their way in a couple of hours. Please pray for us – for smooth and safe travel, for our health to stay strong, and for Gospel opportunities all along the way. Thank you!

Ministry and Farewells In Arezzo and Pistoia

Good Evening Prayer Team –

Our final day of ministry has been empowered and blessed. Our team divided into two groups. One group ministered at a church in Arezzo, while another group ministered to a congregation in Pistoia. It is hard for us in the United States to imagine the magnitude of the lostness here in Italy, but there are so few evangelical Christians here that local congregations in Italy can feel isolated and alone.

Tonight’s ministry at the churches in beautiful Tuscany encouraged these two local congregations that they are not alone. We had a great time talking about worship with the local congregations and answering their questions about how to develop thriving worship ministries that reach people with the love of Jesus. We were encouraged by their questions and enjoyed a time of fellowship and getting to know one another tonight.

During our concerts tonight, we shared the bittersweet feeling that this mission journey is nearing a close. We are looking forward to seeing our families again, but we also hate to leave our new friends here who are serving Jesus one day at a time. We are impressed at how God is advancing His Kingdom here, and how He is using Charlie and Shannon Worthy to shine the light of Jesus here.

Let’s continue to pray for Charlie and Shannon, along with their children, in the coming days. Let’s also pray for Carlo Lello as he partners with Baptist churches in Italy to help them have effective worship ministries. Pray for the individuals and families God has raised up to serve Him as members and ministers in evangelical churches across this country. Let’s pray for God to open the hearts of the Italian people to the Gospel in a way that only He can do!

Please also pray for us to maximize our short time to rest tonight, before we head to the airport in just a few hours to begin the 5,000 mile journey home. Thank you for your prayers!

Answered Prayers and Divine Appointments

Good Morning Friends –

God is truly good. We have heard from Bill Carver that he made it home safely and smoothly to Nashville. Let’s continue to pray for his doctors and nurses to have wisdom and to take care of all his needs today and tomorrow.

Last night, the concert in Florence was again anointed. Quite a few people joined us in the sanctuary before we started to sing, but once our worship began, the sound of our men’s choir drew people in from the street to hear the Gospel in song. Within just a little while, the sanctuary’s seats were filled and people stood in the back. After our concert, we found that our listeners were again people from all over the world.

One man that was there last night heard us out in the square in Rome and had also come to Florence when we did. When he realized that it was us singing the Gospel again in Florence, we went and got some of his friends and brought them to the church to worship God with us. God literally brought people from the both, south, east, and west to hear about Jesus!

After the concert, our team had a time of sharing after we enjoyed dinner together. The common thread was that we have an overwhelming sense that God is at work. Even though only one half of one percent of Italians have a personal relationship with Jesus, we are seeing that God is at work drawing all kinds of people to Him.

We all have a strong sense that Jesus has anointed us and used our singing and sharing to open people’s hearts to the Gospel during this entire trip. Because the people we have ministered to are from every populated continent on earth, God has used us to have a truly global impact. Let’s pray that God will continue to open the hearts of those we have encountered, and that we will find a host of people from many nations in heaven with us, both directly and indirectly as a result of this mission!

Today, we are going to be dividing into two groups to minister to two congregations in the Pistoia and the Arezzo communities of Tuscany. It is amazing that we get to take the Gospel though singing to public square in the place where Guido developed sol-fege and choral singing. Please pray for continued divine appointments all throughout the day, and for our safety and favorable weather. God bless you!

Arrived in Florence

Good morning friends- while you’ve been sleeping, we have completed a four hour bus trip from Rome to Florence.

We will now get checked into our hotel, and then we will prepare for a worship concert this evening at a church in the Florence area.

Please pray for us to have favorable weather today, and for us to make connections tonight to share the Gospel. Also, please keep Bill Carver in your prayers as he makes the early trip home to get the medical attention he needs.

Thank you for keeping us covered in prayer!

Prayer Request for Bill Carver

Good Morning Prayer Partners –

We have a special prayer request this morning. One of our team members, Bill Carver, had a fall in Naples, and while the injury is not severe, it has been determined that it is serious enough that he needs to go home early to get American medical attention.

He will be flying home today to Nashville. Please keep him in your prayers as he makes the long journey home.